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    Allergens Cena
80g Home-made duck pate with wine jelly and home-made bread /1,3,7/ 5,50€
60g *Tartar steak (raw beef tenderloin), domestic  Bio egg,  toast /1,3,7/



    Allergens Cena
0,25l Chicken broth with noodles, julienne vegetables and meat /1,3,7,9/ 2,90€
0,25l Fine creamy soup of white asparagus with watercress spume /7,12/ 3,20€


    Allergens Cena
170g/ 150g Crunchy chicken  from domestic  breeding served with risotto and pesto of baby spinach /7/ 11,30€
150g/ 200g Viennese veal  Schnitzel  prepared on clarified butter with a light potato salad and marinated cucumbers /1,3,7,10/ 14,20€
150g/ 150g Slowly baked pork fatback with Brussels sprouts  and potato puree with ramson /garlic / /7/ 13,50€
200g/ 80g/ 150g *Souse Vide Ribeye steak in teriyaki marinade, glazed carrot, home-made spiced potato fries /6,7,8,12,13/ 19,50€
170g/ 200g Grilled Nile perch marinated in citrus fruits with mash of pea and mint /4,7/ 15,00€


    Allergens Cena
200g Lemon risotto with green asparagus and Grand Padan cheese /1,7/ 10,20€
200g/ 60g Tagliatelle with grilled prawns, chili and rucola /1,3,4,7/ 10,90€


    Allergens Cena
200g/ 50g Caesar salad with dressing of anchovies and chicken /1,4,7,10/ 8,90€
200g Rucola salad with mango, avocado, and walnuts perfumed with orange oil /8/ 8,50€
200g/ 80g A mixture of salads and vegetables with white balsamic and grilled Halloumi cheese /7/ 8,90€


    Allergens Cena
120g Ice-cream variations with hot fruit and whipped cream /7/ 4,00€
100g No-bake lime cheesecake /1,3,7/ 3,90€
120g Pancakes filled with homemade jam with grilled fruit on honey /1,3,7/ 4,20€

*Children, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and people with weakened immune systems are advised not to consume uncooked meat and uncooked eggs.