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    Allergens Cena
80g Confited salmon, marinated cucumber, lemon caviar, home-made mayonnaise /1,4,7/ 7,90€
60g *Tartar steak( raw beef tenderlion), Bio home - raised egg, toast /1,3,7/ 7,50€


    Allergens Cena
0,25l Beef broth with noodles, vegetable and meat /1,3,7/ 2,50€
0,25l Creamy soup of pumpkin, pattypan squash and carrot with roasted pumpkin seeds /7,12/ 3,20€
0,25l Soup of the day /-/ 2,20€


    Allergens Cena
150g/200g Chicken Tandoori with bread salad and peaces of grilled vegetable, sesame, lime and coriander /1,6,7,10,11/ 9,90€
150g/200g Deer backbone with flavor of needles Sous Vide , sauce of chestnut, baked batata /7/ 14,90€
150g/200g/50g Vienesse veal collop with boiled jacket potatoes and cucumber salad /1,3,7/ 14,20€
170g/150g/30g Crispy duck breasts, plum sauce, potatoe dumpling, onion compote /1,3,7/ 14,50€
200g/200g Steak of beef tenderlion, truffle sauce with pink pepper, roasted potatoes /7/ 19,90€
170g/200g Grilled slovak trout fillet on caraway and rosemary, sheep cheese risotto /4,7/ 13,20€


    Allergens Cena
250g Beet risotto with Gorgonzola and nuts /7,8/ 7,90€
250g Pappardelle with spring boletus on white wine, parsley pesto and cheese Grand Padana /1,3,7,8/ 7,80€


    Allergens Cena
280g Mixture of salads and vegetable with grilled Halloumi cheese /7/ 8,90€
250g Rocket salad with fresh fruit, mango oil and goat cheese /7/ 7,50€


    Allergens Cena
100g Chocolate cake with pear /1,3,7,8/ 3,60€
120g Pancakes filled with home-made jam, grilled fruit on honey /1,3,7/ 3,30€
100g Vanilla Créme brulée with pistachio ice cream /7/ 3,50€

*Children, pregnant women, breastfeeding women and people with weakened immune systems are advised not to consume uncooked meat and uncooked eggs.